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Too small to fail.
Fanfiction: Far or Away, R (language) Finale Coda 
12th-Dec-2010 10:44 pm
Jakku sunset
Hi, all.  I'm new to this community, having discovered it only after the bad news came down about cancellation.  I don't typically post episode reviews, participate in forums, or get in on the fan wank after I've seen something that grabs me by the throat or the heart or both.  I write fanfiction instead.

And so, I sought an audience that might appreciate my feelings about The Best Little Show That Couldn't. 

Title:  Far or Away
Author:  [info]sylvanwitch 
Fandom:  Terriers
Rating:  R (language, some violent images)
Summary:  Hank gives Britt two choices:  Go far (to Mexico) or go away (to prison).  Britt chooses twice.
Author's Notes: 1)This is dedicated to the Best Little Show That Couldn't.  Phenomenal writing, fantastic acting, but apparently really shitty luck.  Hank and Britt, we'll miss you.
Disclaimer:  They aren't mine, but I wish they were.  For one thing, they'd get a second season.

This way to the fic at my fic journal.

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