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Too small to fail.
A message from the creators 
30th-Nov-2010 12:17 pm
~Terriers Blue
This message from Ted Griffin, Shawn Ryan, & Tim Minear was just posted on Alan Sepinwall's blog.
Dear "Terriers" watchers,

On the eve of our season finale -- and, as far as we know, it is a season finale -- we wanted to thank you for tuning in and supporting the show and, most of all, for embracing Hank and Britt with such enthusiasm and devotion. We're very proud of "Terriers" and are grateful/gratified it found an audience as intelligent, discerning and handsome as you. So, on behalf of all the actors and writers and directors and crew members and everyone who worked on the show, thanks. And we hope to do it again next year.

Ted Griffin & Shawn Ryan & Tim Minear

P.S. If you think of it, you might watch tomorrow's episode LIVE if you can; it's called (for no particular reason) "Hail Mary" and we hope you enjoy it. Also, if you happen to know a Nielsen family, this could be a great opportunity to reconnect by inviting yourself over to watch it at their place. Super too would be if when you got home after, you Hulu'd the show. Then gifted it via iTunes to everyone you love/can barely stand. Just a thought. It's what our mothers are doing.

I think the creators will be reading Alan's blog, so if you want to thank them for making a great show, that would be the place. I'm not all that hopeful for a renewal, but I'm damned grateful that people are trying so hard to make good TV.
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