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Terriers News Round-up 
29th-Nov-2010 01:09 am
bsg_so say we all
The Terriers season finale airs this Wednesday, December 1, at 10PM on FX!

Any interest in a live viewing post? I feel like we're going to need some kind of support system if the finale is anything like the last episode :) 

Everyone should go check out Terrierists, a fan site run by
@watchterriers (aka @theonetruebix). It's one-stop shopping for show info, legal viewing options, and various ways to hopefully nudge FX towards making the right decision on our little show :)

Also, if you haven't done so already, please shoot an email to user@fxnetworks.com and let them know we want a second season! Oh, and if you're on Twitter, remember to use the #terriers hashtag when talking about the show, and especially if you're livetweeting (great way to connect with other Terriers fans and let the cast/crew know how much we love their work!).


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30th-Nov-2010 03:50 am (UTC)
A live viewing post would be fun, but I'd have to have a stream to participate (I've purchased a season pass on iTunes, but the download doesn't show up right away).

Another possibility to show support might be (for US viewers) to watch the available episodes on Hulu. You can start it on the first episode, put it on auto-play, and leave the house or go to sleep even, if you don't want to rewatch. You have to be logged into Hulu to watch Terriers because of the rating, so I would think that discrete viewers on Hulu would count for something. People did something similar for the Moonlight show...however, it obviously didn't do much for that campaign.

I also visited the Grey Goose web site and thanked them for sponsoring the last episode (I like their vodka too). I got a form email back, but what the hell. It's not like I make a habit of emailing advertisers, so maybe it counted for something.

I've mentioned this before: Sepinwall's site is a good place to comment, if you like the show. It is a blog known to be read by industry people, and the comments are really trending upward on Terriers over the last few episodes.
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