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Too small to fail.
Terriers News Round-up 
15th-Oct-2010 12:51 am
bsg_so say we all
Well, at least the critics are showing the love :)  And don't forget the boys are on The Pick Up Truck Tour right now - check out @DonalLogue and @MRaymondJames to see if they're stopping in your town!


Irish Voice interview with Donal Logue: Donal Logue, the ultimate Irish terrier

TerriersTV (fan site) interview with writer Jon Worley: EXCLUSIVE: Jon Worley discusses "Fustercluck"

Everything Else

LAist: TV Junkie: 5 New Shows The Networks Should Keep

Televisionary: An Open Letter to FX: Please Keep Terriers Around

TV By the Numbers: FX’s ‘Terriers’ Tops Inaugural "DirecTV Please Save Our Show Top 10"
  • Hopefully the show won't need saving, but it's still nice to see it top such a distinguished list!
TV Squad: Five Reasons to Watch 'Terriers'

Vulture: TV Review: The Stealthy, Noir-y Charms of Terriers
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