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Too small to fail.
Interview with Kimberly Quinn (Gretchen) 
6th-Oct-2010 12:41 pm
bsg_so say we all
411mania Interviews: Kimberly Quinn (Terriers)

411's Al Norton sits down with an exclusive interview with Kimberly Quinn of the new FX dramedy Terriers.

Al Norton: You filmed the whole show on location in Ocean Beach. How much do you think that adds to the feel of the show?

Kimberly Quinn: I think it's brilliant. I hear that it's more expensive to shoot like that but it adds a whole dynamic. It becomes like a character on the show. I know Donal really wanted it. When we were filming the pilot people were talking about building sets for different scenes and he would push for us to film on location in real places. It brings almost a film quality to the show.

Al Norton: Most of what you do is pretending but if you are doing it in real places it must make it easier to do so.

Kimberly Quinn: It does. I traveled a lot back and forth from home. It would have been really great if I lived there. Donal and Mikey lived there together; they were Ocean Beach. We girls went back and forth, balancing work with our families. When you're pulling into San Diego and you see the clear skies and the beautiful weather, it definitely has an effect on the work.

I died at "Mikey." This cast is adorable! She also talks about how she got the role, and how she would pitch the show to new viewers.
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